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Colombia: A highly competitive country in the world market

Colombia is the gateway to South America. Throughout history, the country has positioned itself as one of the favorite destinations for travelers from all over the world. Here you can find different cultures, customs, accents, gastronomy and of course wonderful tourist destinations that delight those who have the opportunity to visit them. This is how the country has become the headquarters of important conferences, large-scale events that have expanded the interest of large multinationals and, of course, of travelers who take as a reference the magic of this earthly paradise as a destination to visit.

Fun facts

Colombia has been privileged in biological resources: Colombia is the nation with the largest species of birds in the world, with more than 1,865 species, between 45 and 55 thousand species of flora, mainly endemic. 56 million hectares and natural forests, 22 million hectares of savannas, as well as arid areas, wetlands and snow-capped peaks.

Country Brand was born from the need to position and make visible Colombia's tourism potential abroad, in addition to generating greater investment and exports in the country. This is how the Colombia is Passion campaign began in 2005, a strategy financed by Proexport and the private sector. Among the various benefits that this campaign brought with it, was that the Colombian Country Brand managed to position itself within global standards and obtain recognition at a national and international level, managing to reduce the gap between the perception and reality of what it is. Colombia abroad and generating a sense of belonging to what is ours.

Colombia Country Brand, among the top brands with the greatest recognition in Latin America

According to the report by the consulting firm Branding FutureBrand, the Colombia Country Brand, a strategy created by the National Government and the private sector, is among the most remembered in Latin America.

Within the items evaluated, Colombia achieved results above the general average, excelling in “Tourism”, “Business aptitude”, and “Cultural Heritage”. Likewise, the people surveyed by Branding FutureBrand highlighted gastronomy, fashion, agriculture and coffee as the aspects with which they relate to the country.

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