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GEH Suites Hotels Colombia: Driving revenue success with BEONx

In the competitive hotel industry, GEH Suites Hotels Colombia has established itself as a renowned hotel chain known for its national sales success, both online and offline. With a strong focus on quality, sustainability and social responsibility, GEH Suites Hotels has implemented effective revenue strategies, technological mechanisms and business alliances crucial to achieve its projected objectives.

In its quest to optimize revenue and efficiently manage room availability, GEH Suites Hotels turned to BEONx, a leading provider of revenue management solutions. Let's take a look at their success story and discover how BEONx's sustainable profits platform transformed their business.

The Hotel Group

GEH Suites Hotels Colombia is a well-known hotel chain that operates in multiple locations throughout the country, including Bogotá, Cartagena, Montería, Santa Marta, Mompox and Cartago. Specializing in vacation hotels, GEH Suites Hotels is committed to offering exceptional experiences to its guests, while focusing on sustainability and social responsibility. The company attributes its success to a highly qualified workforce and exemplary technological tools that improve its operations.

The challenge

Before implementing the BEONx Sustainable Profit Platform, GEH Suites Hotels faced several challenges when it came to pricing its rooms appropriately based on demand and competition. Inappropriate pricing strategies led to suboptimal rates that negatively impacted their revenue. Furthermore, accurately forecasting future demand and planning pricing and promotion strategies proved to be a complex task. GEH Suites Hotels recognized the need for a solution that could address these challenges and improve its revenue management practices.

The solution

To overcome its revenue management obstacles, GEH Suites Hotels turned to the experience of BEONx and its advanced Revenue Management System. BEONx's RMS offered an automated, AI-driven platform that integrated all relevant data into one easy-to-use dashboard.

Through extensive data analysis, intuitive imagery and advanced algorithms, BEONx has enabled GEH Suites Hotels to optimize its revenue forecasting and decision-making processes.

The results

The implementation of BEONx RMS had a significant impact on GEH Suites Hotels, addressing crucial aspects of their revenue management challenges. The results were notable, with the following key findings:

Optimal Pricing Strategies: BEONx RMS enabled GEH Suites Hotels to establish optimal pricing strategies that were aligned with demand and competition. The result was greater profitability and increased revenue for the hotel chain.

Informed decision-making: Real-time data analysis and accurate demand forecasts based on historical data and market trends provided GEH Suites Hotels with valuable information. This information allowed them to make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and occupancy strategies. By understanding market dynamics and guest demand patterns, GEH Suites Hotels was able to adapt its pricing strategies to maximize revenue potential.

Maximizing Occupancy and Profitability: By leveraging the power of BEONx RMS, GEH Suites Hotels successfully maximized its occupancy rates and overall profitability. The system's extensive data analysis and forecasting capabilities allowed the hotel chain to optimize room availability, ensuring each room was utilized to its full potential. This, in turn, translated into increased occupancy rates and income generation.

GEH Suites Hotels Colombia's success in revenue management can be attributed to its adoption of BEONx technology. By implementing this advanced system, GEH Suites Hotels overcame pricing challenges, optimized rates, and efficiently managed room availability. With accurate demand forecasts and in-depth market knowledge, GEH Suites Hotels made informed decisions that led to increased occupancy rates and profitability. The partnership between GEH Suites Hotels and BEONx exemplifies the transformative power of revenue management systems in the hotel sector.

Given the success story of GEH Suites Hotels, it is clear that revenue management solutions, such as BEONx RMS, can serve as a catalyst for growth and profitability in the hospitality industry. For hoteliers who are thinking about implementing an RMS, the advice of Alejandro Dussan, CEO of GEH Suites Hotels, sounds very accurate: «If you have not implemented these tools in your company, it is likely that your business is not being as profitable as it should be. could be. These tools are an important reinforcement to achieve profitability growth in any hotel.«

The partnership between GEH Suites Hotels and BEONx demonstrates the immense potential of revenue management systems to unlock sustainable profitability, drive revenue optimization and ensure long-term value creation in the hospitality sector. With the right tools and strategic implementation, hotels can thrive in a competitive market while delivering exceptional guest experiences and embracing sustainability as a core principle.


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